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Electric CigarettesAre you dying to have a smoke but cannot for health reasons? That is surely one good resolution you have taken this New Year. However, if it is hard for you to quit completely, you could take up an e-cigarette otherwise. There are several brands out in the market now and thus, you might have a confusing choice ahead of you. There are certain criteria that define the best brand of e-cigarettes and how it can be distinguished from others. It is best to be informed so that you can take a well informed decision.


Most of the e-cigarettes which are smokeless electronic cigarettes have three main parts30daymoneyback

The cartridges are refillable parts and they hold the liquid that acts as the juice for the smoke. The battery of lithium ion gives power to the atomizer which in turn heats up the e-cig and generates smoke akin to a real cigarette.

The e-cigarette is easy to use. One simply needs to assemble it first. The battery and cartomiser have to be screwed on together. It often comes partially charged from the factory. That allows one to try it out straight from the box. The e-cigarettes are rechargeable. One can plug it in the USB port of one’s computer or charge it attached to a wall socket or a car charger.

Advantages and limitations


  • · The advantage of the product is that it is lightweight and easy to hold. This product is designed such that the length is optimal for holding between the fingers and enjoying a good drag out of it
  • · The starter kits that we offer are good value for money; not only will you receive refills and different adapters for charging the cigarette, you will also benefit from free shipping
  • · There are different flavors and nicotine refills of varying strength for the smokers to experiment with
  • · The limitations of the e-cigarette are inherent as per the nature of the product. It needs to be recharged and needs about three hours to be fully charged.


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